The Biblical Worldview in Communication Theories

The biblical worldview is evident in multiple communication theories such as the Mean World Syndrome and the Agenda Setting Theory.

The Mean World Syndrome is the idea that when a person consumes large amounts of media, they uphold the belief that the world is a dangerous place. In previous posts, I have discussed this concept and asserted my opinion that I think this is a very true statement, especially knowing how my parents react to watching the news.

However, the question is: could the Mean World Syndrome utilize a biblical worldview? My answer to that question is: yes, but not in the way one might think.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. How could viewing the world as a dangerous place be biblical in any way? Christians are supposed to advocate peace and God’s love to the world, but the Mean World Syndrome asserts that the world is a dangerous place, fueled by the violence we see in the media. Where does the biblical worldview come into play.

I think that the Mean World Syndrome is a direct example of the fallen world that we live in. The media portrays the violence and cruelty of humanity. We are visually confronted with our sin every time we turn on the television. It broadcasts the evils of humanity and the acts that we are capable of committing – murder, theft, slander, gluttony (advertising).

I also see a biblical worldview represented in the Agenda Setting Theory. This theory is the idea that if a topic is covered frequently and prominently, then the public will regard this topic as more important. This is a perfect method for Christians to spread the gospel! If we are able to talk about our Savior more frequently and show how prominent God is in our lives, then we will be more effective evangelizing to others! Of course, you shouldn’t get annoying and hassle people by shouting the good news at them, but I do think there is something to be said about sharing God with others often and boldly.



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