I want to be engaged.

My problem is that I really, really, really want to be engaged! I don’t think that is a weird or strange thing. That’s just how I am! Am I just another Grover seeking out my future spouse while here at college? No. No I’m not. I’m not talking about being engaged in anticipation for marriage. I’m talking about being engaged in this world. I want to be present and influential in my culture. The question is not whether or not a Christian can engage culture. The question is: how?

We are going to engage culture whether we want to or not. It’s nearly impossible to live such an isolated life that culture does not influence us in any way, unless maybe you are a tribe in the depths of Africa or in an Amish community in Lancaster. If you are reading this, I doubt that’s true for you. In general, culture will be an influential force in your life. So, how do you respond to it? How do you engage? Especially if you are a Christian… How does a Christian engage in the culture of this world successfully, being able to influence this culture while remaining set apart from it?

I think that the only way for a Christian to engage in culture successfully is by maintaining a biblical worldview and keeping their eyes focused on Christ.

This website talks about how it is both “necessary and dangerous to engage culture.” Of course it is! Our sinful nature makes it easy for Christians to wander into the temptation of the world when engaging in culture, especially because lines are sometimes blurred between being “in the world” and “of the world.” That’s why it is so important to do so biblically, while maintaining a clear gospel proclamation in the midst of so many other false proclamations of the world.

This other website gives 8 ways to for Christians to engage in culture. I like this because these are such simple things that we can do in everyday life that will successfully engage culture:

  1. Start conversations – talk to people about Christ!
  2. Hang out with people who enjoy the same things you do
  3. Volunteer somewhere – share God’s love by serving others
  4. Tell stories – talk about Bible stories as well as your own personal testimony story
  5. Get to know your community by asking questions – become an expert on your home in this world in order to influence it
  6. Invite others to join you – God has called us to fellowship
  7. Pray with others
  8. Address physical and spiritual needs around you – just do one thing a week!


Moral of the story: the best way Christians can engage culture is in small, simple ways that will share the gospel to the world by remaining biblically focused!


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