Blog 7

I’m not going to lie. I took this class as an elective. I’m a Biology major so Communications classes aren’t exactly at the forefront of my mind. I’m much more interested in Cellular Biology and Genetics. However, I had never taken a Comm class before and was open-minded. I had no expectations of actually learning anything valuable and I was very content with just learning about whatever communication concepts I had to.

I have come to realize the vast importance of learning some of these concepts. I had absolutely no idea how influential media was until my mind was opened to the idea. I also never even considered how I may be persuaded by large-scale corporations or how advertising companies may influence me without me even knowing it. I also never even thought about how media may influence my worldview.

Basically, the things that I’ve been learning in this class actually interest me and I’m extremely happy I decided to take this class.


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